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What is a women’s circle? What is a teen circle? What is a wise circle? How do I start my own circles? If you are asking yourself these questions, your wise leader is calling. Circle’s are a powerful tool that will help you lead and support your own tribe and community. These Circle Facilitator Certificate Trainings are not only rewarding but something you can use for positive impact and contribution to your community or as a heart component in your business journey.


Price to purchase individual courses: AUD $ 2022



I just completed the course and really took my time with it. It is such an incredible course and you have really thought of everything! I loved how we started by working on ourselves so we can then be the best circle facilitators. This is the best course I have ever completed. I really don’t need to look anywhere else as Imogen has thought of everything and provided it all. I have never felt so confident to lead a circle. I am so grateful, I just loved it and I have had so much growth from it.

KATIE – Graduate

Training with Imogen has been so inspiring. I was always unsure as to whether I had the capacity or skills to go far in this industry but after taking this course I feel as though I am not only capable but also extremely knowledgeable. I feel acknowledged, I feel honoured, and I feel so inspired. I have never felt so connected, included and part of a group of women in my life.

KELLY – Graduate

We’re so certain you will be hosting your first circle within 12 MONTHS of completing Imogen Bailey’s online ULTIMATE CIRCLE FACILITATOR BUNDLE TRAININGS we guarantee it. Should we fail in our mission to give you 100% of all you require to confidently host a circle within ONE YEAR of completing the Master Classes then a full refund is yours – GUARANTEED!

Terms and conditions apply

Imogen’s training is such a beautiful journey into womanhood and the blessings of being wild women. It really demonstrates the power of connection, and how playing with creativity can bring so much fun to the act of sitting in circle. All women should do this training, it should be cherished and passed on to our daughters. Imogen is an absolute professional in every way and she has so much knowledge to share. I also loved the business component in this course as it is invaluable. Imogen does this work from the heart and her love of women’s circles really shows in every part of the training.

ALLANAH – Graduate

Thank you Imogen for an amazing course. I had looked at a few courses being offered and was drawn to this one and know I made the right choice. The content you deliver is exceptional and the tools and activities give us exactly what we need to start running circles, but the best thing about your training is that you get down to the heart of our offerings and also our blocks. You subtly had us looking within and facilitated the ah ha moments that have allowed me to take the next steps. I have picked a business name, am finalizing my materials and have reached out to the community to find some key contacts. Thank you for an amazing course and experience.

VANESSA – Graduate


This training is our ultimate everything included training.

Upon completion you will be a qualified:

• Women’s Circle Facilitator

• Teen Circle Facilitator

• Wise Circle Facilitator (over 60’s)

In addition you will be qualified to hold circles for:

• Baby Blessingways

• Bridal Circles

• Wedding Circles (for the bride, groom and families)

• How to take your circles online


1. Video Learning sessions
2. Demonstration Video sessions
3. Detailed educational workbooks and written guidance
4. Tools and templates for creating your circles and circle business
5. In depth interviews about the business components
6. Complete Business foundations training bonus
7. Circle starter program scripts
8. Six unique and complete certificate trainings
9. Lifetime access
10. Risk free training 100% satisfaction guaranteed
11. Deep personal inner journey work bonus audios
12. 50 circle activities and more
Women of the world today (and in numbers like we’ve never seen) are joining a circle somewhere in their local community. Complete this training and that circle could be yours.



Why take up this ultimate bundle offer?

This bundle has 150+ lessons with 6 huge workbooks to complete as you learn to how to run your very own, unique circle. In this course, you will also be given bonus circle templates and 50 activities to program your own circle.

For those that want to turn your circle into a business, this course has a bonus business module to help you understand how to build and grow your circle business. This bundle will also be your best investment as you will be able to facilitate multiple circles for different audiences as not only a qualified women’s circle facilitator but also a teen, wise (over 60’s), baby blessing-way, bridal and wedding circle facilitator.

This course will give you so many options for making an income doing something you will truly love.

What you will get in the foundation component of this ultimate bundle:

Over 80 lessons and two huge workbooks containing the following and more!

• Understanding the ritual and tool of circle.
• Learn how to be a confident facilitator with the power to deliver your circles and workshops with ease and flow.
• Learn how to make women feel elevated and supported.
• Learn how to hold space safely and responsibly.
• Tools and templates for programming.
• Rituals and ancient teachings to share.
• Tools and knowledge for marketing and social media.
• Learn how to create a community.
• Learn how to create and launch your own personal brand.
• You will be able to start earning money from doing this work as soon as you graduate.
• You will discover how to use your personal journey and skill set to create your own incredible offering for women.

You will have everything you need kick start your heart business and be doing something you truly love while supporting the women in your community.

Bonus business foundation skills module (over 40 lessons in creating, launching, building and running a small business). Certificate in Women’s Circle Facilitation.

Enrol Now - Payment Plans Available

AUD $749


4 payments of AUD $212/m


10 payments of AUD $97/m




Yes, if you have the passion we have the tools. You do not need any other skills or training. Upon completion of this course and receipt of your certificate you will be ready to facilitate your first circle. This course is also open to both men and women. It is written with women in mind because that is what I do. However, there is no reason that this course cannot be utilised for men’s circle.

You will receive the tools and templates required to facilitate your own group or circle. Additionally you will receive the course completion certificate that you will be able to print out, add your name and hang it proudly in your space.

Please refer to our refunds policy.
If you are having trouble getting motivated to complete the course we have a Facebook group of amazing women that will help inspire you. Please contact us and let us know if you need some sisterly elevation.

There are no hidden fee’s. We believe in making thorough and detailed courses at a reasonable price. There is an extreme amount of value and information within this course and we believe that the course fees are fair and within reach for most people.

This course is designed for you to go at your own pace. You could complete it in four days, you may take two weeks and you might take six months. My advise is that you don’t put pressure on yourself. This course should be a joyful experience, an experience that wakes you to your full self as a woman and all the magic you have within you to offer your sisters. No pressure. Go gently and take all the time you need.

Yes you can, just make sure you print your workbook so you can write in it and have it as a tool for your many years of circle facilitation to come. Please be advised that mobile data usage will apply if you are not on a wifi network when watching the course clips.

We advise that you download the PDF files and go to your local print shop to print them out. There a quite a few pages and we don’t want you using all of your ink in your home printer.

Once you complete one of my courses, you are encouraged to promote that you have successfully completed the course with me by using our logo. I am exploring  the right associations to partner with to offer appropriate and valuable accreditation.

Yes you will. We proudly offer completion certificates that we encourage you to print and hang in your space. This is a great milestone and you should remember the journey you are taking.

Follow this link to the course page and click on the purchase button. We have tried to make the purchase and course experience as easy to follow as possible.

No, just something to write with and some special time for you. This course is a gift to yourself. Allow it.

It is recommended that you have your computer or device attached to power supply and your web browser up to date. It is also advise that you have a standard antivirus software running on your machine as standard protocol. Internet speeds vary around the world and this is unfortunately out of our control. If you are experiencing slow internet speeds you might want to call your internet service provider.

We have a couple Facebook groups that are continually growing with women that have either completed this course or are already working in their heart space. We encourage you to join these groups and our mailing list to tay in touch and engaged with out rapidly growing community.

Please follow this link to our testimonials page. We proudly promote the many success stories and very happy women that have completed this course and are running their very own circles or groups.

My courses are designed to be easy to follow and take the student on a journey of discovery and education. I have opted to not have tests be part of this course. I believe that the content of this course and the related activities, once completed are enough to qualify you as a competent circle facilitator.