Workshops currently running

Women's Circle Facilitator Training Master Class

Upon completion participants will be competent and confident as a women’s circle facilitator. Students will have a deep understanding and posses the skills to create spiritual, educational and magical journeys for their circle members. They will have an understanding of transitions, holding space and delivering their material with strength, calm and power.

In conjunction with the spiritual and creative training required to become a circle facilitator this program includes business foundation skills that may aid in running a successful small business.


Calling in the goddess

Is a nine month incubation quest for the woman who is ready to transform her life, to rebirth her lost self and to call in her goddess. This quest involves a nine month commitment that includes meeting with a tribe of like-minded women once a month. Essentially I will be your transitional doula during this time. Rather than coach you I will care for you and work with you. I work with women who want to find deeper meaning in their lives, women who want to self actualise and who know they will benefit from safe, nurturing and deeply feminine loving support. This nine month quest begins in October.
• Includes one on one work
• Monthly sacred incubation circle
• Weekly tasks and tool sharing

Wild Wise Woman - Creative Fire Workshop plus Sacred Circle

A monthly in depth exploration of the cycles of the creative fire. We will explore stories, myths, symbols, and archetypes. Including explorations of the text from Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes book “Women who run with the Wolves”. Imogen has studied with Dr. Estes and has been taught how to work with her stories and the life journeys of women. Together we will discover how to make creativity part of our personal spiritual practice. We will create poetry and art, we will discover what inspires us and expand with new inspiration and we will nourish each other in sacred circle as part of the workshop. We will meet once a month beginning in October.


A Bit About Us

We are Honouring Heart

Honouring heart was born from my desire to create a nourishing, supportive and expansive home for women’s wellness. My services in this area are devoted to doula support, women’s circles, healing circles, women who run with the wolves’ workshops and a variety of creative workshops.

A platform for growth, expansion and support

Built by women, for women.

“Her soul was too deep to explore by those who always swam in the shallow end”

A.J. Lawless

What We Do?

Our Services

Honouring Heart is a platform and service provider built around the fluid energy that makes us women. Our programs and services evolve as you do. The ability to support and nurture throughout all of life's ebbs and flows is the premise in which Honouring Heart built it's programming.

Birth Doula

Offering a supportive environment for one of life’s most beautiful events.

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End of Life Doula

Holding space and making sometimes difficult times a little bit easier.

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Dad's and Doula's

Supporting fathers while life is brought into the world.

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Baby Blessingway

Celebrating, honouring and empowering mothers before the birth of her child.

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Women Who Run With The Wolves

Workshops for unleashing the Wild Woman.

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Women's Circles

Community focused circles to support and encourage the growth within.

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What our women say?